Main Courses

For salmon to be tasty, it needs to be of good quality, but it also depends on the recipe – the simpler the better. With just one exceptional element, your culinary discoveries will be on a par with those of a restaurant chef. So it’s time to use dried crickets in the kitchen.

A common tradition is to organise Pancake Day on Sundays. Discover a novelty, try a special recipe. Soft, fluffy, velvety-tasting puffs of pancakes, flavoured with fresh berries, are both a feast for the eyes and a blessing for the palate. Create delicious, unforgettable moments with your family!

Don’t get bored in the kitchen! Replace the usual dumplings with crispy, soft, delicate Gnocchi. The golden crust that forms when fried in butter adds an extra layer of mystery to the dish, revealing a distinctive taste that is sure to please everyone in the family. Make it fun.

Part Italian classic, part innovation brought by cricket flour, and dinner is ready. The carefully thought-out shape of radiatori pasta adds a touch of uniqueness. All the ingredients in the recipe are evenly distributed in each pasta groove, allowing you to enjoy the harmony of flavours.

Much loved by holidaymakers and picnickers alike, tortillas with crickets are undoubtedly among the great culinary discoveries. The easy and quick to prepare tortillas are distinguished by their crispy, highly nutritious dried crickets, which combine harmoniously with the fresh vegetable filling.

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