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Our priorities are sustainability and wholesome and healthy eating, and we want to share key aspects and innovations.


We break stereotypes! Healthy eating is not boring eating. Enrich your meals with the highest quality proteins and get ideas from our recipes. Experiment yourself.


Crickets will not solve all the problems of climate change, pollution and global resources, but they are part of the solution. Raising crickets creates a significant positive environmental impact. Choose a sustainable source of protein.

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This superfood have become an essential part of sustainable food resources and innovation.

Our Tastik farm

On our farm, we breed a specie of domestic cricket, Acheta domesticus, specially developed for human consumption. Each offspring is raised in a very clean environment and fed a carefully selected organic feed, exclusively for crickets.

Preparation cycle

The processing and preparation of the crickets for eating involves a series of steps during which the crickets are heat-treated in order to eliminate any risk of bacteria while preserving the highest nutritional value.

Quality over Quantity

All products are regularly tested in food testing laboratories to ensure the highest quality. Our activities are approved by the State Food and Veterinary Office and the production of insect products has been granted approval number LT 18-15 EB.

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