TASTIK Collection

What inspired the creation of the TASTIK cricket flavour collection? First and foremost, it was curiosity, knowledge and listening. We are creating a new culture of enjoying food, discovering a sense of quality of life and nurturing it. We are impressed by the many benefits of crickets and motivated to introduce them.

There are more than 900 species of crickets worldwide. And each of them has its own unique cricket call. They live in families and make wonderful sounds together like a big orchestra. The dynamics of the sounds create a beat and a rhythm, creating a unique emotion that is reflected in the cricket’s products, in its different flavours.


  • Taste Orchestra – dried cricket flour. The most valuable thing we have from crickets. A 100% natural and exclusive product, like an orchestra that combines the whole of the cricket. By using cricket flour in your dishes, you will create a special harmony of flavours and nutrition.
  • Classy Fortepiano – dried crickets with salt. A classic of flavours. A journey of musical sounds and flavours through the 88 keys of the piano, reaching all 7 octaves. Salted crickets are the perfect choice for your kitchen, for appetizers, salads, spreads and other favourites.
  • Golden Drums – dried crickets with onion and cumin. Like the mighty drums, the crickets in this flavour will take you away from the monotony and add character to your food enjoyment journey. The mild cumin and onion in the crickets are a special match for a glass of red wine.
  • Spicy Guitar – dried crickets with chilli pepper and smoked paprika. Inspired by guitar virtuosos, created for lovers of spicy sensations. A perfect snack to go with your favourite beverage to ignite your taste buds and warm you up.
  • Rhyming Bass – dried crickets with garlic and salt. Rhythm, melody, frequency scale, dynamics, timbre – these components that make up music influence our feelings and inspire us to create. One of our favourite garlic crickets – for every day, whatever you do, wherever you go!

The full collection of TASTIK cricket flavours is available in our e-shop. We invite you to try them!


Did you know that only adult male crickets swirping? This is their way of attracting females. The crickets make this unique, complex sound by rubbing the sharp-edged teeth of one wing against a rough scraper on the other wing. Each wing has up to 300 teeth arranged in the form of combs.