Fun Facts

We look forward to suggesting ideas for your celebration! The custom of trick-or-treating is believed to have originated from a 9th century custom where Christians went from house to house on 2 November asking for „soul cakes“ made from square pieces of bread with raisins. The more people received, the more

We encourage every one of our customers to learn about crickets. We have found that knowledge, facts and history break down preconceived notions, stereotypes disappear and the desire to taste crickets is strengthened. Male crickets are chivalrous and very brave. So take the challenge and get to know them better

In books, songs and animation, the world’s most famous creators have chosen cricket characters. Each of them has left a distinctive mark on history. Our youngest children are encouraged to get to know the cricket, which is a character with a very cosy presentation that can be found in various games and storie