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For us, sustainability is not just about smart engineering and technological devices and their application in cricket farming processes or production. For us, it is about making smart and responsible decisions to optimise the use of existing resources.

When it comes to eating alternative proteins, such as crickets in this case, many people’s first reaction is, “What, eat insects?” This is followed by another question: “Are crickets eaten raw?”. And then the imagination is unleashed, the subconscious images are unleashed.

When it comes to domesticated crickets, everyone agrees: ‘Yes, this is the food of the future’. But why wait for that tomorrow? We are creating the future today and invite you to be part of it! For three years now, crickets have been part of our daily diet. Don’t wait any longer, try it today.

From a culinary point of view, protein is important because it gives you a feeling of satiety and is… delicious! It is protein products that have the so-called umami taste, which was pioneered by the Japanese, alongside the more common tastes such as salty, sweet, spicy and bitter.

Our business is focused on community and open conversations, and we develop various forms of cooperation. If you share our values, are interested in sustainable ideas, healthy living, and a complete and balanced diet, then we are on our way – meet, create and surprise together! Crickets motivate!

When considering the amount of protein to be consumed daily, it should be borne in mind that each person is unique, and therefore protein intake needs are highly individual. It can depend on age, body composition, activity and health status. Let's discuss everything in more detail.

We encourage every one of our customers to learn about crickets. We have found that knowledge, facts and history break down preconceived notions, stereotypes disappear and the desire to taste crickets is strengthened. Male crickets are chivalrous and very brave. So take the challenge and get to know them better

In books, songs and animation, the world’s most famous creators have chosen cricket characters. Each of them has left a distinctive mark on history. Our youngest children are encouraged to get to know the cricket, which is a character with a very cosy presentation that can be found in various games and storie

What inspired the creation of the TASTIK cricket flavour collection? It was curiosity, knowledge and listening. We are creating a new culture of enjoying food, discovering a sense of quality of life and nurturing it. We are impressed by the many benefits of crickets and motivated to introduce them.